Thank you for your inquiries about our puppies.

Please copy and paste the application below into an email, fill out and return to if you would like to be considered for placement on our puppy waiting list.


1.         Your Name:

            Phone Number:

            Email Address:

            Where are you located? 

2.         Why have you decided to purchase a Labrador Retriever?

            What color and sex of puppy are you interested in?

            If the color or sex is not available in this litter, are you willing to take puppy of different sex and             color?

            For what purpose are you purchasinga Labrador Retriever?

3.         Are you on a waiting list for any other litters?

4.         Do you have children?      How many & ages

            Please describe some of your hobbies/interests.

            Do any family members have allergies to dogs?

5.         Do you own or rent?

            Is it a House, Condo or Apartment?

            City or rural area?

6.         Do you have a secure Fenced yard?

            Do you lock your gates?

            What kind of fencing do you have?

7.         If you were to move would the dog go with you?

8.         Where will your dog stay during the day?

            How long will your dog be left alone during the day?

            Where will your dog stay during the night?

            Are you familiar with crate training?

            Do you own a crate?

9.         Do you have a swimming pool?

10.       Are you committed to care for this dogs needs for his lifetime?

11.       Where will this dog stay when you go on vacation?

12.       Are you willing to take this dog to obedience classes in order that he/she will become an             enjoyable companion and a good canine citizen?

            Which family member will train this dog?

13.       Have you ever owned a dog?

            Do you have any other pets or farm animals?

            What happened to the other pets?

            Have you ever given up a dog by choice?  Reason?

14.       Have you earned an AKC title?

15.       What type of personality are you looking for in your puppy?

16.       Are you willing to spay/neuter this dog?

17.       What do you expect from the breeder of your dog? 

18.       Are you willing to feed a good quality dog food?

19.       Are you aware of the high energy level a Labrador puppy can have?

20.       Who referred you to Ravenscroft Labradors for a puppy?

21.       Are you familiar with Limited Registration?



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