Ravenscroft Sorcerer's Stone

(Ch. Delby's Anchor Steam x Beechcroft Spellbound)

Living the life of leisure with the Mike and Cheryl





Wolfecreek Canadian Mist


DOB: 9/26/02

(Chablais Vic x Trinity's Muddy Water, CD)



Ravenscroft Special Blend


DOB: 10/24/2007

(Wilcare Leisure Suit Larry x Chillybleak Jamocha)




Morland's Listen to the Wind


DOB: 1/4/04

(Ch. Windfall's Pipe Major x Waifin's Que Sera at Morland)




Ravenscroft's Made to Order


DOB: 1/25/06

(Morgan's Cut and Run x Chillybleak Jamocha)





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